Introductory course sea

Introductory course sea

Bulder&Brak Opplevingar AS arranges courses according to the educational ladder of the Norwegian Canoe Association.

Wondering if paddling is for you? Register for the introductory course!

The introductory course lasts for approximately 3 hours. The participant will be introduced to the kayak and equipment. Upon completion of the course, the participant will have practiced using a kayak, the oar, cover and life vest. In addition the participant is made familiar with simple safety routines and practices, as well as how to efficiently manoeuvre the kayak.


  • Lifting, carrying and launching the kayak.
  • Paddling straight ahead.
  • Turning the kayak both ways.
  • Paddling backwards (back stroke).
  • Tip the kayak and exit it in the water in a satisfactory manner.
  • Get ashore.
  • Sitting position and good paddling technique.
  • Learning how to increase safety by paddling.
  • Knowledge of local paddling conditions.

Cost: 1000 NOK, includes all required equipment.

Register your interest by e-mail to post@bulderogbrak.no, and we will arrange new introductory courses.