Beginner’s course

Beginner's course sea

Bulder&Brak Opplevingar AS arranges courses according to the educational ladder of the Norwegian Canoe Association.

Do you want to learn how to paddle a kayak? If you do, the beginner’s course is for you.

The Beginner’s Course Sea lasts approximately 16 hours, taking place over two days.

The participant will be introduced to the kayak and equipment. Upon completion of the course, the participant will have practiced using a kayak, the oar, cover and life vest. In addition the participant is made familiar with simple safety routines and practices, as well as how to efficiently manoeuvre the kayak.


  • Lifting, carrying, launching and entering the kayak.
  • Efficient forward paddling.
  • Backwards paddling and stopping.
  • Moving the kayak sideways.
  • Low brace.
  • Steering manoeuvre (rear).
  • Turns (sweep stroke and steering manoeuvre)
  • Go ashore.
  • Securing the kayak once on shore.
  • Rescue techniques.
  • Injury prevention
  • Planning of a simple trip which will be completed.
  • General safety and basic seamanship.
  • Touches generally upon an outdoors lifestyle and the freedom to roam law.
  • Leave no trace travelling

COST: 2500 NOK, including equipment.

We work alongside businesses offering accommodation in the valley of Utladalen, in Øvre (upper) Årdal, at Årdalstangen and in the valley of Ofredalen – so please get in touch to get a quote that includes a course package with accommodation.